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The Whole Ship is Ours!

We at Whet Travel charter ships from the best cruise lines in the world and make the entire ship OURS! This means we have total control of the entire experience, including: entertainment, itinerary, and shore excursions! We create a one-of-a-kind house music experience tailored specifically to our incredibly diverse group music lovers from around the world. Groove Cruise isn’t exactly like most cruises focused about relaxation and fun. They’re about excitement, craziness, music, socializing, adventure, and about escaping normalcy by sharing a once in a lifetime musical experience with thousands of new friends. It’s about waking up and realizing, that you’ve woken up in a different and wonderful port. Most importantly, Groove Cruise is about having the time of your life with like-minded friends, new and old! This is the way we play.


Sail on Amazing Ships!

When you embark on an Groove Cruise, you’re not only stepping foot on a big ship, you’re boarding a floating city. We charter only the newest, state-of-the-art ships from the fleets of industry-leading lines. Forget about any worries of claustrophobia. These ships might span the length of three football fields and tower up to eighteen stories above the water. So, whether you’re lounging out poolside, partying in the club, hanging in your cabin, gambling in the casino, eating in one of the many on-board restaurants, or even getting married! You’ll forget you are even on a ship!


Wake Up Somewhere Different Every Day!

Your stateroom doesn’t change, but the view is constantly changing. Every day you have an amazing new destination or part of the ocean to explore. Leave the planning to us. The Groove Cruise Team begins preparing for your arrival at each port you stop at months before the ship even sets sail. Our optional activities are customized just for our guests, there’s something for everyone waiting ashore. Of course, the day is totally up to you, and there’s always the option of staying on-board, sleeping in, or partying around the pool. The best part is, you only have to pack once!


Have No “Set Schedule”

Three days are never the same on The Groove Cruise! Unless you want them to be. It’s an opportunity to be spontaneous, with 72 hours of nonstop music you can go all weekend, pick and choose the artists you want to see or just bounce around without a schedule.


A Party Experience for Everybody!

Some people think that The Groove Cruise is one big party. Actually, it’s over a dozen parties, blow your mind! Our talented lighting, sound, video, and scene designers join forces to transform our outdoor decks into jaw-dropping, fantastical extravaganzas. Because we know there’s nothing like dancing under the moonlight in the middle of the ocean as we sail through the night. So what’s it like? That one’s easy… it’s crazy, fun, and with a completely relaxed vibe… Almost unexplainable! Some of our theme nights are legendary experiences designed to let your imagination run wild. You’ll always fit in, there’s never any pressure to dress up in outlandish outfits and you don’t even need to step on the dance floor to fully experience it all. Sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch the mesmerizing lights and lasers from the balcony with a few friends. And when you’ve had enough, your room is never more than an elevator button away.


The Only Rule: There Are NO Rules!

Well, almost… Of course we have a set of guidelines in place to keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable, but in general we adhere to a simple philosophy: No one should tell you what to do on your vacation. You are not obligated to go on any tours, eat at a specific time, or engage in group activities. And don’t even think about dress codes — it’s your vacation, wear whatever you want! (Within the boundaries of good taste and appropriateness, of course.)


Awesome Dining Options!

Since we believe that you should be able to eat whatever and whenever you want on vacation, we make sure a variety of culinary options are available to you throughout. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite at our lavish buffet, joining friends for a multi-course meal, enjoying one of our sensational specialty restaurants, or relaxing in your stateroom over room service, there’s always a an option to please any taste. All main restaurants on an The Groove Cruise offer open seating so you can dine with whomever you want, whenever you want. Our friendly staff will always find a place for you, whether you’re a party of 1 or 11. And of course, there’s never a dress code on The Groove Cruise, so feel free to come as you are.


Luxury Staterooms!

Like our guests, our staterooms come in many different designs and instantly make you feel right at home. Our modern ships feature sleek, comfortable rooms, the majority of which have balconies overlooking the sea. Twice a day your dedicated steward will service your stateroom with an attention to detail found only in 5-star hotels. The beds are luxurious, bathrooms are cozy and smartly designed, the view is spectacular, and there are plenty of places to put your shoes. From the comfort of your room you can order room service 24-hours a day, choose from a wide range of movies.