Nobody says it better than a Groove Cruise Virgin! check out what these first timers had to say about their first GC experience:

Sean Depuy & Sarah Grzesik

After we met, the Groove Cruise Miami in 2014 was the first big festival since TomorrowWorld. We really got closer and were able to bond during this trip. This year, Whet Travel outdid themselves in helping me to plan my wedding proposal. They were instrumental in getting the preparations ready, down to the last detail. My friends were also huge helps in getting things ready and also helping to run damage control with Sarah. I kept disappearing for hours at a time to try and hammer out details, and she got fed up with me being gone constantly the first day. The second day was perfect, though, and she quickly found out that I wasn’t disappearing to hang out with girls in their cabins. Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten and our good friends held up the signs asking her, “Will you be my moon forever?” while she had a bird’s-eye view on my shoulders. After I set her down, I got the ring from my friend and got down on one knee. Needless to say, she said yes, and now she is stuck with me for the rest of her life.

Rosanne Rodriguez

All this GC virgin has to say is this…I have been to many…MANY….EDM events throughout my lifetime…damn…it all started back in the ”Disco” days…and last weekend was probably the most Epic…such an amazing blend of people…no drama…just everyone coming together for the same purpose…for the Love of House and dirty beatzz…someone asked me to describe it…and all I could was like WMC on steroids…you had to be there to know…and YEP…I’ll be there again next year…!! One Love <3

Jessy Marie

2013 was my first GC, all I keep telling my friends is that I have never met a nicer, amazing, crazier! group of people in my life. Such good vibes & good times. I fell in love with new DJ’s and just really was able to be myself and party. My bf and I cannot wait for 2014. I went back to work (as a nurse at a hospital) Tuesday after GC disembarked and wanted to do nothing but sleep but felt better as the days went on, no sickness but there ARE ongoing dance parties at random times, especially in my bathroom when I am getting ready to go out :)

Josh Macias

Groove Cruise virgin here. Coming back into town, all my friends ask me to describe it, and simply I can’t if you weren’t there. Beyond my wild expectations. Just a great fucking time. Great positive vibes with great positive people. Definitely going to 2014.

Marika Tekila

This all started last year when my best friend bought me a ticket to GC (she end up neve coming)I expected something completely different.Not only I had the time of my life, I also met precious people that will stay friend forever.It’s not just a party…it opened my eyes that high level of positivity and love is possible even though it only last 3 days, it happened, it exist and it’s fucking magic!I wanted to thank you all GC peeps to have contributing to one of the most intense bday celebration I ever had! M.A.G.I.C

Ken Taylor

For those of you that forgot what its like to be a GD virgin here is a good look into those eyes. I don’t have any problem poking fun at myself along the way. I couldn’t be happier to be apart of this family. Not only was I a GC virgin but a festival virgin, this was my first event. Went from a house “virgin” to a house “sex addict”.

Jacki O-Bay Area, CA

I’M A GROOVE CRUISER FOR LIFE! The quality people you meet on the Groove Cruise is amazing. I have met many friends that I will be friends for life. I went on one cruise prior to the Groove Cruise, and between the bad music and boring people I thought I’d never go on a cruise again, boy has that changed now!! The people, the music, the dancing all make it so you don’t even want to get off the boat!

DJ Atimatik (aka Tim Patmont)- Bay Area, CA

The Groove Cruise is an amazing experience. Take an already fun cruise and add in great people, DJs, and excitement to take your vacation to another level. Perfect for those looking to vacation and party with like minded, music loving people!

Jason Schunemann, Miami, FL

There is something about being isolated from the “real world” and surrounding yourself with other people who love dance music as much as you do. You are all there for a common purpose–your passion for music, and because of that, you can relate to everyone. I know I am always commenting on how lost I feel in life, but for 3 days I’m able to forget about that and just be at peace, cruising with new friends in the middle of the ocean on one huge music festival.

Kai, Chicago, IL

Frickin’ fantastic. A lot of my friends aren’t into dance music, so it was really nice to hang out with people who understand what I’m talking about when I walk in and say, “Tiesto.” The Groove Cruise was a week-end party full of fun people, good music, and great experiences. I missed some meals, a lot of sleep, and loved every second of it.

Ted Paizis- Rochester, Minnesota

It was absolutely awesome! Atmosphere and music was great, the people that I met has to be the best part of the cruise to me. You can dance and party anywhere, but to do it with people who all share the same passion of music and dancing is a whole different experience itself. You also get to meet life long friends.

Crystal Alicea

I did get flu right before GC! But Thank God I got better a day before I left to Miami. As for my experience I was mind blown! Met so,so many great ppl that I was super sad it went by so fast. Idk if I could’ve stood awake more than 72 hrs anyway. Music was great, themes were fun, & loved the atmosphere. It made the week after GC a very sad one. I called out of work 1st day back and every time I heard music I was dancing like I was still on the boat! Lol One thing is for sure I don’t ever want to miss the Groove Cruise ever. I can’t wait to be a two timer next year!

Ferny Prego

Let’s just say that I needed a full five days of recovery… That being said, the cruise definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn’t even think it was possible to party that much. There were two moments that proved this cruise was going to be out of hand! (1) The pool party right when we got on the ship, (2) the fact that they had a DJ throwing it down while everyone was getting their Saturday breakfast at the breakfast buffet. Amazing times (those I can actually remember lol)!!

Amy LaBanca Sumrall

Omg – definitely exceeded expectation! Already signed up for 2014! The music and atmosphere were amazing! Everyone did a great job dressing for the themes so many hotties! We didn’t even know about the restaurants! Next year I will pack less, talk to more people and dance my ass off again – oh and remember to drink more water! Hope everyone enjoyed the daily treats taped to our door on deck 10! met so many great people – will certainly do that again?

David Cohen

Our first GC a couple weeks ago was amazing!! What I liked the most was the spirit of everyone there to have a good time. If I was around for the free love hippie days of Woodstock, I think this would be pretty close to it, but with house music. We made like-minded friendships that will last a lifetime, we strengthened existing ones, and loved all the sexiness, costumes, and free spirits of everyone we met. The music was incredible and I’ve never danced more in my life over a 4 day period.

Bridgette Zakar

It was way more awesome than i could have ever anticipated!!! i just got into house music about a year or so ago and i loved every second of this cruise!! beautiful positive vibe the whole time and amazing dj’s and carefree people! i love you all and i cant wait to see you all in paradise next january :D

Christy Gray

Words cannot even describe the AMAZING experience I had!!! From the moment I stepped on the boat, til the very last beat at the sunrise set it was all AWESOME beyond words!!! The guys are not douchey, the girls are not bitchy!! And the Music is just unreal!!!!! It surpassed all my expectations and then some!! CANNOT WAIT for WC GC and 2014 Miami GC!!! I am officially addicted to GC forever!!! GREAT JOB GC CREW! Thank you for the most amazing time of my life!! Life changing for sure!!! :)