Whet Travel works with media, PR, marketing, event and promotion companies to set up unforgettable experiential theme cruises and destination events for their clients and patrons.

As you know, in today’s world, we are bombarded with millions of advertising messages and the clutter is deafening. Experiential marketing which drives a word of mouth buzz and revenue to the client is the #1 key. Here is the problem: Chad Tons, Infinity Marketing Team said: “Clients want to see the next best thing. They read the magazines, they see what’s out there and they don’t want something that is a spin-off of what somebody else has done. They want something that is brand new, innovative and really sets their brand apart.”

A theme cruise or experiential destination event is the answer.

All of this combined on a luxury all-inclusive cruise ship that handles all the details so you can focus on creating the unforgettable experience that will drive people to talk about the event for the rest of their lives. And the Press LOVES unique ideas and theme cruises.

We have been featured in the NY Times twice, CNN, Toronto Star, Orlando Sentinel, Montreal Gazette, Travel Agent Magazine, 944, Travel Weekly,
CBS Miami
ABC Fusion
Travel Channel
New York Times
Yahoo Travel
USA Today
Inc 500
Miami New Times
Magnetic Mag
Dancing Astronaut

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