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GCLA 2016
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Groove Cruise Los Angeles

In September of 2013, when the Groove Cruise LA pulled out of the Port of Long Beach, it became the first ever, fully chartered dance music cruise in West Coast history!
Since that time, GCLA has become a staple within the West Coast festival circuit.

In 2014, GCLA sailed with a sold out crew of 3000 #GCFam onboard, becoming the biggest and grandest Groove Cruise to date.
#GCFam is a term curated by Groove Cruise attendee’s from all corners of the globe, that have formed an unbreakable bond while sailing onboard. From sunrise to sundown, and sundown to sunrise, the memories and friendships made last forever.

In 2015, with a whole new world being exposed to Captains of the Pacific. 72 hours of non-stop dance music, private island beach parties on Catalina Island, Mexican fiestas, and 6 themed extravaganza’s make the Groove Cruise LA was an experience unlike any other.

There was no 2am curfew on this vessel! With nightly after-hours going into the early afternoon, there was no better way to leave the world behind. There’s nothing like the being surrounded by your favorite artists and friends, to make you feel alive.