Giving Back!

The ‘EDM’ world seems to come under such heavy scrutiny these days for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to zoom out once in a while and recognize all the GOOD that’s done within our amazing community!

The Groove Cruise is proud and excited to have been able to donate a cabin for 2 on Groove Cruise Miami 2015 to the Give a Beat foundation:

The Give a Beat foundation serves as a catalyst to transform the positive energy of global dance music culture into meaningful interactions that build community and generate social good. Through active collaborations with music producers, promoters, artists, and socially conscious companies, Give a Beat raises awareness of pressing issues and injustices through live music events and online platforms, while providing dance and world music lovers with a unique channel for activism and philanthropy.

If folks would like to make a direct donation to Give a Beat, they may do it on their blog. or if they want to donate specifically to this campaign, they can do it on the auction site.

Learn more about Give a Beat at

Thank you #GCFamily for your continued support!

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